📖Prompt library

AIChatOne app allows you to build your own prompt collection so you can make use of them anytime.

  • You can choose to add prompts from AIChatOne’s built-in prompts

  • Or create your own prompts

A prompt refers to a conversation starter or a task you provide to the model to guide its conversation

Choose from Built-in Prompts

AIChatOne offers more than 160 pre-built prompts. Here’s how to add them to your library:

  • Click “Prompt Library”

  • Switch to “Community Prompts” tab

  • “Add” prompts that you find most useful to your personal prompt list.

The prompt you've just added will now be visible under the “Your Prompts” tab

Create Your Own Prompts

You can easily create your own prompt as follows:

  • Open Prompt Library

  • Click “Add Prompt” button

  • Fill in the necessary details - your prompt title, description, actual prompt content, etc.

The prompts you create will also be displayed under the "Your Prompts" section:

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