💡Get started with AIChatOne

What is AIChatOne?

AIChatOne provides you with the power to harness the full potential of ChatGPT and other AI models so you can get the well-shaped AI responses that specifically tailor for your needs

This includes:

  • Chat with the different LLM models such as GPT-3.5, GPT-4, Gemini, Claude-3, Claude-Instant, Llama 2, ChatGLM2, Ollama, Perplexity, Kimi etc all in one place and compare their results side by side

  • Better way to manage your chats by folders, name, pin your chats or delete them in bulk

  • More customization options to fine-tune the AI responses (prompt and AI character library, web search)

With nearly 20 chat models, and over 180 built-in prompts & AI characters, AIChatOne is all set to streamline your workflow and take manual work off your plate!

Step-by-step to use AIChatOne

🔸 Click the ""Add to Chrome"" button in the upper right corner and pin it to the toolbar for easy access.

🔸 Click the AIChatOne button in the toolbar to open full chat page, right click and select "Open in sidebar" to open sidebar

🔸 Simply hit Cmd/Ctrl+X to open sidebar or Cmd/Ctrl+O to open full chat page

Step 1: Enter License key and OpenAI/Claude API key

You just need to have an OpenAI API Key and License key to use AIChatOne. No login needed.

If you are using webapp mode, whether it is chatgpt, bing, bard or other open source models, just log in to their website in the browser using aichatone (if in poe mode, log in to poe.com) Then you can use it in aichatone

1、Get OpenAI API Key

  • To get the OpenAI API key, please sign up for an OpenAI account at platform.openai.com/signup Claude API key at claude.ai

  • Then head over to the "Manage Account" section, locate the “API keys” area, and generate your API keys. Once done, copy these keys and insert them into AIChatOne.

Important notes:

  • You will need to have an OpenAI paid account and pay them for your API usage.

  • The OpenAI API paid account is different from the ChatGPT Plus subscription

  • Webapp mode do not need api key

2、Get your License Key

Normally, your license key will be sent along with your receipt.In case you missed it, you can log into https://app.lemonsqueezy.com/my-orders/ with your purchase email to access your license key

In fact, most features of AIChatOne are free to use. If you don’t need more advanced features, this step is not necessary.

Step 2: Start your first conversation

1、Choose how to use LLMs in the settings. The optional modes are webapp, api, azure, openrouter api, poe

2、We divide chat it into two ways: Chat and GPTs.

GPTs only support OpenAI/Claude api、Azure api、OpenRouter api,webapp not supported


Each LLMs corresponds to a chat conversation. You can chat with multiple LLMs at the same time to find the best answer

  • We provide many LLMs, some of which are not enabled by default. Choose which LLMs to use in the settings.


GPTs provides build-in roles and system instruction, temperature settings.

  • Direct interactions: the most basic way to start with AIChatOne. Enter any questions or prompts that you have in mind or select from the prompt library and the AI assistant will respond accordingly.

  • Create a system initial instruction that provides detailed guidelines and context on what the bot should do during the conversation.

  • Make the AI role-play: this is an exciting way of interacting with AIChatOne - set it up to play a specific role or character that expertises in a specific area.

Step 3: Organize your workspace

The left sidebar will show up all of your chat history, you can easily drag and drop your chats into a folder, pin them to the top or delete them for better management and navigation later.

Step 4: Share your chats with everyone

Share your chats with ease to help others learn from you, improve your prompts for better results, or pick up where you left off.

Step 5: Export & Import your data

You can easily export / import your data for manual backup.

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