🎭AI Characters

AIChatOne app allows you to build your own AI character collection so you can turn your chat model into a custom chatbot to implement a specific task.

  • You can choose to add AI characters from AIChatOne’s built-in AI characters

  • Or build your own AI characters

Choose from Built-in AI Characters

AIChatOne offers more than 50 pre-built AI characters. Here’s how to add them to your library:

  • Click “Select Character”

  • Navigate the “Explore Characters” section

  • “Add” characters that you find most useful to your “My Characters” collection.

The AI Character you've just added will now be visible in the “My Characters” section

Build Your Own AI Characters

You can also build your own AI Characters as follows:

  • Click “Select Characters”

  • Navigate the “My Characters” section

  • Click “Create Character” button

  • Fill in the necessary details - your character title, description, image, system instruction, training examples, etc.

The AI Character you create will also be displayed in the “My Characters” section

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